The Central Government Real Estate Agency uses property to help achieve the aims of central government. It does so in cooperation with local parties and with a view to their interests.

The composition of the portfolio ensures that we can always meet central government’s constantly changing property requirements. We do this by acquiring new properties, by selling superfluous properties and by maintaining the properties under our management. Real estate is about more than buildings and land. Real estate shapes our world, our future, our dreams and our ambitions. As the nation’s largest real estate organisation we are contributing to a better Netherlands.

Real estate
The Central Government Real Estate Agency is responsible for managing and maintaining the largest and most diverse property portfolio in the Netherlands, including prisons, court buildings, military barracks, airports, defence sites, ministerial offices, ports, tax offices, listed buildings and historical monuments, museums and palaces. We make these buildings and sites available in order to meet the property needs of central government. Our expert staff develop our strategy and policy and supervise the management and maintenance, purchase and sale, construction, remodelling and renovation, and development and redevelopment of properties in our portfolio.

The Central Government Real Estate Agency has 2,900 employees. We maintain and manage almost 900 square kilometres of land – four times the area of Amsterdam – and buildings totalling almost 12 million square metres.

Real estate transactions
We buy, sell or renegotiate an average of 180,000 square meters annually. To ensure successful transactions we keep close track of the real estate market and urban trends. We also check that the rates we pay to lease offices are in line with market rates. The Central Government Real Estate Agency leases more than 900,000 square meters of office space on the Dutch and international real estate market.


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