Maastricht is an international city known for much more than the Maastricht Treaty and the euro: 31% of its 122.000 residents are of foreign descent. A significant proportion of these are knowledge migrants, students, and expats employed at or related to the university and the many (European) institutions and internationally oriented companies that the city and region have to offer.

The city’s 10,330 (9.610) businesses employ over 71,500 people in a predominantly knowledge-based and service-oriented economy. Located in the heart of the Euregion, with the cities of Aachen, Liège and Hasselt nearby, Maastricht distinguishes itself by offering a pleasant place to live, work and visit.


City of Maastricht
P.O. Box 1992, 6201 BZ Maastricht
Mosae Forum 10, 6211 DW Maastricht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)43 350 40 40