Limburg + metamorphosis = Brightlands
Limburg, a region located at the heart of Europe, is undergoing a metamorphosis. Brightlands is a vibrant, international community where 30,000 innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers and promising students work every day on the major challenges in the fields of circularity, health, food and data science.

In this open environment, scientific knowledge that transects all kinds of borders leads to new products. It fosters entrepreneurial experiences and new forms of research and education. This vibrant ecosystem has already led to e.g. the creation of synthetic materials that repair bone tissue, or innovative materials and coatings for sustainable and healthy buildings and blockchain technology that makes the food chain more transparent. On these Brightlands fundamentals, Limburg is building a knowledge driven economy, contributing to the growth of the Dutch economy.

The secret to success
Brightlands is taking Limburg to the global level. What’s the secret to its success? Brightlands is located in the middle of the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen technology triangle, in the European ‘Blue Banana’, and at the heart of one of the largest horticultural areas in Europe. Brightlands is also centrally located between the major seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the Rhineland. This is where 40% of European chemical production takes place, accounting for 240,000 jobs. We create innovations through a unique approach that sees science focus on places where markets develop.

Four Brightlands campuses are growing: Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, Brightlands Smart Services Campus, and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. Stimulated by close cooperation between government players, knowledge institutions, and the business community, they work on the big issues in health and sustainability. That’s our secret to success.

Limburg’s DNA: knowledge, logistics, manufacturing, tourism
Limburg is moving ahead with urban development plans for Venlo, Roermond, Weert, Sittard-Geleen, Heerlen-Parkstad (the IBA approach). And then there’s Maastricht. Limburg’s capital is presenting itself as a European centre of culture and knowledge, but also as an ideal venue for conferences and exhibitions, including the international TEFAF art and antiques fair, or (for example this year) world conferences on archaeology and neuromodulation.


Province Limburg
Limburglaan 10
6229 GA Maastricht
The Netherlands