Welcome to our beautiful and hospitable town of Zwolle. Where it is great to live and work. A good place to experience. Things are done slightly differently in Zwolle. Zwolle is a balanced location. Quality, innovation and a good atmosphere go hand-in-hand.

Zwolle is a relaxed and welcoming town. Located in a beautiful and multi-facetted environment. With international cultural gems and appealing events. With modern shops in a historic setting that offers top culinary choices. Its central location also makes it an accessible town. It is a growing town with a good economy. We cherish our monumental town centre and are working on our future.

The success of Zwolle is created by powerful, creative and ambitious welcoming entrepreneurs, administrators, organisers and residents. Be a part of Zwolle’s success! We would love to meet you to investigate the possibilities. Let’s make an appointment!


Gemeente Zwolle
P.O. Box 10007, 8000 GA Zwolle
Lübeckplein 2, Zwolle
The Netherlands
+31 (0)657 58 33 58