Nearly 1100 architectural offices are united within the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects BNA, founded in1842. BNA is a network that stimulates modern and creative entrepreneurship, driven by the power of architecture.

Our mission is to strengthen architectural firms that add value to client and society on promising markets. BNA focuses on architectural firms, their clients and society as a whole. Essential instruments are engaging and utilising collective strength, and actively promoting the added value of architects.

Strengthening architectural firms
The architectural industry is characterised by its resilience. BNA promotes collective interests of the industry and strengthens architectural firms by lobbying, exchanging knowledge, creating good conditions for entrepreneurship and facilitating networks. BNA is always searching for market opportunities for architectural firms and is committed to actively contribute to a healthy business environment.

Core tasks are:

  • Lobbying. Among others: lobby for a responsible public procurement culture, proportional contracts, and a solid building regulations;
  • Support. Among others: collective advantages, BNA International, courses through BNA Academy, as well as online advice and service;
  • Development of the industry: Among others: BNA Research, market research, industry figures, and practical tools including Service Charts.

Added value
The added value of architects – especially of BNA members – for individuals and society is consistently put forward. This is done via (social) media, campaigns and by the BNA Best Building of the Year Award. We also support young architects by the Next Step Program, the ArchiTents Challenge and the Professional Experience Programme.

Want to learn more?
Look at and watch the video ‘Creating Quality of Life’.


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