Deerns was founded in 1928 by Paul Wessel Deerns. He specialized in the design and installation of central heating and cooling systems, back then seen as cutting the edge technology. Over the years Deerns has become the market leader in building services in The Netherlands. Deerns started the first office outside The Netherlands in 2000 and have been increasing international presence ever since.

Technological advancements
Today, every enterprise views sustainability as a trend that cannot be ignored. For Deerns, it has been a core value since our very beginning. Many of our clients, such as OVG, Schiphol Real Estate, a.s.r. and Rijksvastgoedbedrijf have always been wary of wasting their own and the earth’s resources. Deerns is still renowned for designing cost effective and efficient systems.

Sustainable from day one
Our economies have become increasingly technology driven, and so has our real estate. This has resulted in complex systems which integrate energy management, building physics and building service technology to optimize performance and efficiency. Growing demands and possibilities are causing building services to compromise up to 50% of the total construction costs in new large scale developments. Deerns thrive in complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Innovation is one of Deerns’ priorities to maintain our position as thought-leader and excel as consulting engineers, continuously developing new services. Our innovation capacity and engineering excellence have been recognised by the market through various nominations and awards.

Deerns Multiplier: CO2 reduction
In the project we achieve the greatest effeft om the reduction of CO2 with sustainable energy concepts. To quantify and convey this, we created the Deerns Multiplier. This factor reflects the extent to which we manage to save CO2 emissions for our clients in our top projects, as compared to the legal performance requirements; this savings are then related to our own CO2 footprint.


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