Fullfilling a pioneering role to customer needs

Two brothers, a ladder and a borrowed drill. Our story starts with the request to come up with an alternative for the existing unwieldy wooden sign that realters used for the sale and rental of their properties.

So we created a more sustainable variety: a lightweight aluminum tubular frame with a PVC canvas. This development ensured that the outdoor advertising industry changed. An important development that was decisive for Image Building in the years that followed.

Due to the growth of the market and the increasing demand for innovation, Image Building is constantly working on new ambitions. We are happy to fullfil a pioneering role in this. Several times Image Building has been the first in the development and industrialization of temporary outdoor signing products. Out of this way of thinking combined with customer needs, the Trotter was created. The first industrialized mobile billboard. And again the ambitions are rising. The Trotter is ready to be used all over the world and acces to foreign markets has already been found. Our story is getting bigger and bigger!

Will you be part of it?


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