The construction world is continuously evolving. New materials, ambitious customers, changing regulations and innovative possibilities all offer new insights and opportunities. Jan Snel is able to respond to these changing circumstances each and every day. Regardless of the housing issue on hand, we have a suitable solution. From simple, small-scale temporary housing to tailor-made permanent construction projects in every segment of the market.

It is our mission to make sure that our customers are able to transform their housing issues into satisfactory practical solutions. We do this by supplying flexible, modular building solutions and simplifying our customers’ needs in all aspects of the process. This enables us to create added value for our customers every step of the way.

Jan Snel builds quickly, modularly and circularly: buildings are constructed in a factory, installed on site and can be dismantled and reused when they are no longer needed. And now Jan Snel wants to take it one step further. Not only do we want to reuse these units, we wish to make our entire construction process fully circular. An important step in this is a circular design, in which buildings are designed in such a way that all the materials can later be reused in new buildings. Together with our customers and suppliers, we wish to take the first steps in realizing an entire environment built in accordance with the principle of circularity. This is our goal for the next few years to come.


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