The construction industry is constantly in motion: materials, techniques and housing requirements are constantly changing. With 60 years of experience in the field, Jan Snel is a rock-solid partner when it comes to high-quality housing solutions. Due to its industrialized and modular method, precision is the standard and Jan Snel projects are built smarter, swifter and more sustainable than traditional construction projects, time and again.

How is this possible? Jan Snel projects are manufactured in the factory and then finished on site. Although this is not visible on the outside, this method has numerous advantages. Building under controlled conditions means building with a minimal error margin and thus guaranteeing a high standard of quality. Not only that: this method is more efficient and productive and allows Jan Snel to save 30 to 50% more time in comparison to traditional construction methods. Modular construction is also a future-proof choice: Jan Snel has reduced its CO2 emissions by half.

Together with its customers, Jan Snel thinks in millimeters instead of centimeters, in months rather than in years and in solutions instead of problems. As a result, a suitable solution can be found for everyone.

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