PT, established in 1999, mainly provides support in the area of financial and business control on an interim or project basis, especially with expertise in the fields of real estate and area development, and facilities.

Our projects vary from residential developments to business parks, and from expansion locations to restructuring projects. Our clientele includes medium-sized to large investors, developers, housing corporations, and governments. For projects in which multiple parties are involved, we take on the independent role of financial advisor. Given our long-standing practical experience with these types of long-term projects, we are increasingly involved in the development of these types of partnerships. This includes aspects related to legal set-up, rateability, financing, and workable financial agreements. We also do this for German investors with legal entities and objects in The Netherlands, amongst others.

In addition, we have further developed ourselves as an integral facility expert in development and management of hospitality and service organisations. Project-based deployment and consultancy, as well as the (private) care sector have increasingly become important parts of our activities in the domain of facility management.


P.O. Box 4308, 5004 JH Tilburg
Kapitein Hatterasstraat 23B, 5015 BB Tilburg
The Netherlands
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