Student Experience is an independent, self-operating real estate developer and manager of innovative student housing projects where living, socializing and studying are combined.

The perfect setting for personal and academic growth. A lively community to immerse yourself in. Student Experience guarantees a whole new experience when it comes to student housing. Welcoming students from all over the world, we cherish the diversity that makes our community what it is today: a nest for the ambitious and curious. We offer what they need to succeed: high quality student housing in urban hotspots with 24/7 security, hospitality, personal attention and quality service.

Student Experience takes care of the management of over 2.300 student studios in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In the coming years the management will be expanded with locations in Spain, starting with Madrid. Further expansion in The Netherlands is being developed simultaneously. The ambition is to develop and manage 10.000 units in Europe to house students from all over the world.


  • Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas
    800 studios
  • Student Experience Amsterdam Amstel
    520 studios
  • Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM
    400 studios
  • Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven
    600 studios

New developments

  • Student Experience Madrid Pozuela
    600 studios
  • Student Experience Granada
    520 studios
  • Student Experience Amstelveen Uilenstede
    500 studios
  • Student Experience Leiden
    700 studios


Student Experience
Moermanskkade 71A
1013 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 235 21 59