Willy Naessens Nederland, part of the Willy Naessens Group, specialises in building commercial premises using a unique precast concrete building concept. This building concept has already been used to build thousands of commercial premises, from offices to distribution centres, from storage to cold stores and from cinemas to stadiums.

Willy Naessens is characterised by its vertical integration: all important aspects within a construction process under its own control. Its strength? Thinking along from the first pen mark on paper, making it possible to realise an optimised building that fully meets the customer’s wishes and requirements. Willy Naessens sits alongside the customer and advises, designs and realises. As a result, budget and planning certainty can be guaranteed at an early stage of the construction process and quality is guaranteed.

An organisation with the size of a multinational, but the heart of a family business. A pleasant combination of volume, certainty and accessibility!

Representatives in the HPP-network

Tim van Duin
Investment Director

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Jos Stokman
Directeur Verkoop

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Willy Naessens Nederland 
+31 (0)85-2737230