Annexum has over 19 years of experience in the Dutch property market. We understand the importance of converting opportunities into investment, without neglecting risks.

Our scrupulous approach to investment opportunities has translated into an organisation of over 40 professionals and total assets in excess of € 800 million. Annexum is the leading independent provider of closed funds in the Dutch market. Huib Boissevain is Annexum’s founder and CEO. We offer a complete range of services in order to provide comprehensive guidance to institutional investors. Annexum offers amongst others asset management, purchase and sale of real estate, portfolio restructuring, property management, and bespoke advise to investors with specific challenges. Our ultimate goal is to improve our client’s return on real estate positions in the Netherlands and assist in strengthening of reducing already established positions.


P.O. Box 79032, 1070 NB Amsterdam
World Trade Center, G-Toren, Strawinskylaan 485
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 572 01 01