Resilient Places.
Resilient cities. Strong communities. Robust real estate organizations. Every day, we help shape tomorrow’s living environment. Always in collaboration with our partners. Based on our expertise and experience in the property market and finance, we know how to connect parties. Parties in care, energy, and mobility. Simultaneously steering densification and many other challenges in today’s society.

Financial Strategies.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same applies to the value creation chain. From our financial profession we oversee the business case and all those involved. Individually, but also in combination with each other. First started in 1981, we now combine our financial expertise with our process and negotiating skills to create value with you and for you, and for our living environment in particular.

Real People.
We are proud of our professionals. They are teaming up with you and other specialists. Driven, inventive and committed, they connect public and private sectors, as well as national challenges and (inter)national funds. They link many expertises. And they impact our cities and communities.

Fakton. Real People. Financial Strategies. Resilient Places.
Customized services are key to joint successes. These services are provided by our platform of enterprises Fakton Capital, Fakton Consultancy, Fakton Valuation, Fakton Executives and Fakton Development, and by participating start-ups, such as Springco, Batavia Groep and Vyvia. Fakton’s unique ecosystem based on learning and entrepreneurship will help you achieve your goals.


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