New technologies in real estate… How?!




‘What would be our response to books if they were invented after videogames’?

This was one of the questions of innovation professional Deborah Nas, during the breakfast meeting of the HPP Construction & Industry Community. In her presentation she showed us her both optimistic and pessimistic view on technology and her vision on the role of technology in real estate. With keen examples she learned us how to behave and react towards (technological) innovation and presented us the key to this all: be open to change.

After this inspiring presentation, the members of the new HPP Community HPP-TECH introduced themselves and challenged the participants of the breakfast with the statement ‘Within 5-10 years new parties will dominate the Dutch market’. The divergent views on this statement among the participants demonstrated the different types of people, backgrounds and functions in the room and led to interesting discussions. The overall conclusion of the morning is that these new companies will for sure influence the real estate market with their new ideas and propositions. The question resumes if they will completely integrate the chain or that the current establishment will be able to correctly adapt to these innovations . Thoughts to be continued….

Deborah Nas is professor at the TU Delft, trend watcher, innovation professional and famous technology design speaker.