OZ and BESIX about the power of cooperation

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OZ architects and BESIX builders are both members of HPP. At the invitation of Christa Thijssen, they discussed how they operate in the market and how they deal with partners in the chain.

Both companies attach great importance to knowledge development, both at project and thematic level and at a higher level of scale. OZ partner John Bosch: ”For example, two years ago we carried out our own study into the meaning of the knowledge economy for the city, in spatial terms. It is about connecting living, working, recreation, education. We apply that knowledge in numerous projects’.

The deliberate search for challenging projects, such as the Terraced Tower, is part of the strategy to gain a head start in the market as a company, says BESIX Commercial Director Stijn van de Sande: ‘By focusing on these kinds of complex projects, we also develop knowledge. Knowledge that can be useful to us and our partners in future urban compaction projects’. Good collaboration is an important precondition for this, according to OZ-associate Marlies Zwols: ‘If there is synergy in the construction team and a strong common goal, you can achieve a lot together in a short period of time’.

Read the complete interview here [in Dutch].