Christa Thijssen

Christa Thijssen

Director HPP



Working together… collaborating…

The words may differ but the meaning remains the same. Currently, things have quietened down in the media. The heated discussion on how to deal with the need for more houses, a larger production and the question as to who must do what – the central or local authorities, corporations or the market – has also settled down a bit. This discussion, however, does have a common denominator as in; maybe they could make a start with “working together”? What is it that makes it so hard for parties to “work together” or “collaborate”?

We are all looking for networking opportunities to make new contacts and in this we allow not a single opportunity to pass. However, when it’s time to take the next step, exchanging knowledge and entering into processes together, we are obviously too afraid to share. Is it the fear of commitment or is it the fear of revealing a bit too much to one’s competitors?

There are, of course, fantastic examples of joint projects in our sector but they are few and far between. We expect the government to undertake action but would it not build a much stronger case if we (market and local authorities) were to approach the government with plans and ask them to participate or contribute, if the need still exists. If we were able to create better connections between parties we would, indeed, be netting a big haul. Sharing knowledge and experience would encourage all parties and that’s not something to be afraid of.

What could be shared is knowledge about financing, development, circularity, energy transition, etc. And this not only with parties in the Netherlands but across borders as well. After all, why do we visit foreign trade fairs? Isn’t it to meet people, find connections and gain knowledge? Maybe, in the coming months, we should focus on “connect and exchange knowledge” for the ultimate goal of a good collaboration. Who knows, it may just be to the benefit of the pressing demand for more and affordable housing here in the Netherlands.

Connecting and collaborating has been HPP’s “core business” for the past 12 years and is again our must important mission for 2019/2020.

I wish you all a successful trade fair and year with lots of new “connections”.

Christa Thijssen
Director/Founder HPP