Christa Thijssen

Christa Thijssen

Director HPP



Holland Property Plaza, a perfect example of European cooperation.

2017 promises to be a dynamic year for the Dutch real estate sector. The levels reached in 2008, the year of economic crisis, have thankfully already been exceeded. New projects are being presented impetuously, and old projects have meanwhile been realised and put to use. Investors from the Netherlands and abroad are eager to assess new plans that are being presented by Dutch municipalities, many of which are still out to sell at the highest possible price.

Due to its stable political climate and the reliable way in which business is conducted, the Netherlands is favoured amongst foreign investors. The increased presence of Asian and American investors in addition to those from within Europe, serves as proof of its popularity. Germany still outnumbers other countries in terms of investments in the Netherlands, and it is still our most important trading partner.

The Netherlands is increasingly appreciated as a country in which to invest in healthcare-related real estate, in particular by our Belgian neighbours. The majority of investments in the healthcare sector is still being made by Dutch cooperatives, but interest from foreign players is rapidly gaining momentum.  If there is one sector in which European cooperation has risen to a high level, it must surely be the real estate sector.

No Europe…?

Contrary to the lack of cooperation in and between some other European countries, the Netherlands provides ample opportunity for European cooperation. It is our task is to keep it that way, seeing that we urgently need foreign investments.  Since its incorporation 10 years ago, Holland Property Place has unfailingly sought to promote international cooperation, with results to match! HPP has again been able to welcome new European and Dutch parties to its network this year, bringing the total number of participating real estate enterprises and sector-related organisations (both public and private) to more than 60, all of which will be represented by HPP at the 2017 ExpoReal in Munich.

Christa Thijssen – Director & Founder HPP