Real estate ladies about ‘inner-city restructuring’

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An inspiring Ladies Breakfast with HPP members on inner-city restructuring.

From a 1943 idealistic urban and social London city plan of Abercrombie advocating for mingling of the different demographic groups & shared public spaces to smart cities of the future. A leading example of Valerie Vermandel from Whitewood on how a single-project restructuring can contribute to a larger and long-lasting city change. Followed by a presentation of the municipality executive Vivianne Heijnen on the importance of public-private partnerships and a strong political will. Nathalie Winkelmann, PATRIZIA, emphasized on the role of political stability and clear regulations for institutional investors. While searching for yield, institutional investors are also concerned about responsible use of land and their contribution to creating balanced communities. A shift from urban planning to urban design by Ute Schneider, KCAP Partners. “You need to understand history, mentality of people & climate conditions”.