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Amsterdam, February 13th 2020Student Experience has reached the highest point in the construction of Student Experience International Amsterdam (SEI Amsterdam) today. The fourth student complex of Student Experience has a double scoop: it will be the group’s first extended-stay complex and it has received the BREEAM Excellent quality mark. Achieving this makes SEI Amsterdam the most sustainable student complex in Europe.

To celebrate reaching the construction’s highest point, Student Experience treated workers to beer and burgers. Johan Verweij, CEO and founder of Student Experience: “We are extremely proud of the work the team delivers every day. We are on schedule and the entire project team, from carpenter to project manager, adheres to a ‘conscious builder’s code of conduct’. This means that they take safety and the environment into account during their work, minimizing nuisance to the environment and surroundings. All the more reason to thank them for all their hard work.’’

The most sustainable student complex in Europe
Student Experience is proud of having received the BREEAM Excellent quality mark. This means that SEI Amsterdam meets the highest standards in the field of sustainability and the complex has minimal environmental impact. From sustainable construction, including the use of unique façade material with integrated solar panels and the installation of a thermal energy storage system, to the finishing touches such as covering the roofs and inner garden in mosses, grasses, herbs and plants that support the local flora and fauna.

Students are encouraged to contribute to and make use of the sustainable services of SEI Amsterdam. Verweij: ‘’We make students part of our sustainable ambition by offering environmentally friendly services such as e-bikes and cars, extensive waste separation options, natural ventilation and lots of daylight in every studio. This way students can benefit from smart solutions that we offer and actively contribute to a better environment.’’ Solar panels on all highest roofs and façades, the lack of gas usage and the use of LED lighting throughout the building minimize the building’s CO2 emission.

More flexibility for (international) students
The 596 studio building on the Moermanskkade in Minervahaven in Amsterdam is the first Student Experience project to offer ‘extended-stay’: (foreign) students, researchers and PhD students who are enrolled at one of Amsterdam’s universities or colleges can stay here for a period of one week to the maximum of one year. The addition of an ‘extended-stay’ student complex is characteristic of the service-oriented nature of Student Experience. Verweij: “In our experience with offering studios for students, we noticed that the demand for shorter stays is increasing. With SEI Amsterdam we meet the wishes of, for example, the international student who is temporarily staying in the Netherlands for a masterclass, post-graduate course or minor. ”

SEI Amsterdam
SEI Amsterdam is a sustainable, safe and innovative building. The studios, varying from 21m² to 45m², are equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom. Like the existing Student Experience locations, SEI Amsterdam offers extensive facilities such as a lounge with cozy seating areas and TVs, a game corner and a laundry room. A private dining room offers the possibility to cook with friends or family and various study rooms are available to study in silence or work in groups. For athletically inclined students, SEI Amsterdam not only offers its signature rooftop sports field, but also installed a gym. Another novelty are the flexible spaces that students and business guests alike can use for presentations and meetings. Last but not least, the ground floor offers room for a café and space for businesses such as start-ups. The ground floor will be the perfect space to meet or to study/work (together). The complex will make an important contribution to the liveliness, safety and diversity of the neighborhood.

SEI Amsterdam is expected to open its doors in the second half of 2020.

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Student Experience
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