Three perspectives on the WWS and its future

  General, HPP-Y-GEN


Last week, the young professionals of HPP-Y-GEN discussed the feasibility of realising affordable and good quality social housing within the housing valuation system (WWS, also known as the points system). Read below in short the perspectives of the three speakers:

  • Martijn Schut explained on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) that the vast majority of rental homes within the regulated sector are offered for a rental price that is lower than the price permitted on the basis of the WWS. Moreover, these rents are still below the liberalisation threshold. To that extent, there is still financial room and only the excesses are being tackled.
  • Bastiaan Maingay of Change= thinks that the points which can be ‘scored’ within the WWS are too inflexible, while the living pleasure of (young) tenants also depends on other criteria.
  • Arjen Zandstra of Wooncompagnie discussed the mutual independence of the various policy instruments, which, in his opinion, overlap unnecessarily. He argued in favour of decoupling rent and rent subsidy so that more investments can be made and more targeted income support can be provided.

The presentations are recorded (for HPP members only), so if you are interested contact us!