The network for decision makers in real estate

Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is a fully independent network organisation. HPP works for companies and public organisations in the real estate and construction sector, their service providers and the entire supply chain, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

HPP mission
HPP connects people, companies, networks and other organisations at a European level, thereby promoting knowledge development, the exchange of ideas, cross-border cooperation and project investments.

HPP vision

The real estate and construction sector is undergoing far-reaching developments. Not only is the population growing, it is also ageing. There is a shortage of homes, and suitable building locations are hard to find. People are moving to cities and the market is under pressure as a result. Energy transition and climate adaptation require major investments. Players across the board therefore face tremendous challenges in finding suitable solutions. HPP wants to contribute by promoting and facilitating cooperation and the exchange of knowledge.

HPP objectives
HPP brings major players from the real estate and construction sector in the Netherlands and from surrounding countries together. This is how an independent, business-oriented and creative network was formed. A network that actively contributes to finding solutions to current issues in relation to urban development, housing and new concepts.

HPP positions its organisation as an independent, highly competent intermediary for private and public players, an organisation that uses its knowledge to establish effective connections. This is how much needed breakthroughs are achieved. In addition, HPP promotes the attractive Dutch investment climate and highlights the excellent opportunities for foreign players to cooperate with Dutch companies in the real estate and construction sector.

HPP Communities
A cooperation with HPP starts with a HPP Community membership for which we offer several packages and annual memberships.

  • HPP-PUBLIC | For mid-cap cities with a minimum of approximately 100,000 inhabitants and all governmental, non-governmental and public organisations.
  • HPP-IREIN & Finance | Membership for International Real Estate Investors & Financial Institutions active in the Netherlands with an invested volume of at least € 100 million.
  • HPP-REDA | Membership for real estate developers and advisors with various backgrounds in the real estate industry.
  • HPP-TECH | Membership for foreign and local technology companies for the real estate sector.
  • HPP-SME | Membership for small and medium size companies and consultants.
  • HPP-C&I  | Former association GSVB, now an integrated HPP platform for construction companies, suppliers for the building industry and manufacturers.
  • HPP-Y-GEN | Debate Club for young professionals across the various disciplines in the Dutch real estate sector. In the age range of approx. 30-40 years, with at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in the real estate sector, and currently employed or working for a company, which is a member of Holland Property Plaza or a member of Holland Property Plaza Partner Association

HPP co-exhibitors
HPP co-exhibitors are those who participate in the HPP stand during Expo Real with one of the stand packages starting from € 6750 to € 35,000 depending on the chosen work desk and facilities. A HPP community membership is obligatory for HPP Expo Real co-exhibitors.

Holland Property Bike
Holland Property Plaza is also the organizer of the annual Holland Property Bike, a 2-days amateur cycling event for real estate professionals at decision making level, both public and private.


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Holland Property Plaza®, HPP-PUBLIC, HPP-IREIN & Finance, HPP-REDA, HPP-TECH, HPP-SME, HPP-C&I, HPP-Y-GEN, HPP Investor Dinner, HPBike are concepts of Thijssen-PR, Zeist NL.

Your benefits from taking part in the 13th joint Holland Property Plaza Booth in hall A2 | 5-6-7 October 2020

  • Turnkey fair & booth organization, you only have to apply as HPP co-exhibitor for EXPO REAL
  • Clear & fixed prices and all-inclusive packages with your company logo at the HPP stand
  • Full catering and hospitality desk included
  • Reduced prices for your EXPO REAL entrance tickets
  • Being part of the well-known “brand” Holland Property Plaza and the HPP Community