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Holland Property Plaza (HPP), founded in 2007, is a fully independent network organisation for decision-makers in the real estate and construction sector. At HPP, we believe in creating sustainable connections. Along the years, we have built a community based on long-term and mutual confidence. We invest time in getting to know our members and we understand their business issues and needs. This way, we are able to create connections between like-minded decision-makers, with other real estate oriented public and (international) market parties and with the local and central government. Our goal is to facilitate an environment for sustainable relationships, something we truly believe leads to success and offers you a valuable return for a membership.


Meet a few decision-makers in our network.

The HPP Community
We call our network the HPP Community, which we divide into various communities based on their type of organization and interests:

  • HPP-PUBLIC | For mid-cap cities with a minimum of approximately 100,000 inhabitants and all governmental, non-governmental, public organisations and housing corporations.
  • HPP-IREIN & Finance | Membership for international real estate investors & financial institutions active in the Netherlands with an investment volume of at least € 100 million.
  • HPP-REDA | Membership for real estate developers and advisors with various backgrounds in the real estate industry.
  • HPP Connect & Innovate (HPP-C&I) | Innovation hub within HPP. Membership for innovation-, technology- and process-oriented companies from real estate, construction and supplying industries.
  • HPP-Y-GEN | Membership for next-generation decision-makers (30-40 years) across the various disciplines in the Dutch real estate sector, with at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in the real estate sector. Membership is free for professionals working for a company that is a member of Holland Property Plaza.

Throughout the year we organize meetings and events for communities in specific, for communities combined and for the entire HPP Community. Each meeting has a specific theme and related speakers. Sometimes we also invite experts from other sectors. In addition, HPP organises a number of larger events such as the HPP stand at the EXPO REAL and the informal bicycle tour HPBike.

We guarantee a level of members and guests working at c-level and higher management. With our activities, we aim to facilitate knowledge development and exchange of ideas and try to stimulate cross-border cooperation and project investments. Also, we actively contribute to finding solutions to current issues in the real estate sector.


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    Holland Property Plaza®, HPP-PUBLIC, HPP-IREIN & Finance, HPP-REDA, HPP-C&I, HPP-Y-GEN, HPP Investor Dinner, HPBike are concepts of Thijssen-PR, Zeist NL.