HPP-Y-GEN is a community of new decision-makers, who together build on the growth and innovation of our industry. With professionals from the so-called generation Y from all disciplines in the real estate sector, they form a strong intellectual network with an innovative approach. Members of HPP-Y-GEN are established experts within their organizations, thriving entrepreneurs or leaders from the public sector, all of whom share the same aspiration to make the Dutch real estate sector thrive socially and economically. HPP-Y-GEN is a generation community: members will grow and develop together in their professional path in life.

The members of HPP-Y-GEN meet each other several times a year where they discuss and exchange knowledge on hot topics in the real estate sector. The value proposition of HPP-Y-GEN for its members is two-fold. On the one hand, the HPP-Y-GEN community offers its members a trusted, informal platform where they can share thoughts with equal and like-minded professionals. On the other hand, by being part of HPP they get to engage with and challenged by established and seasoned leaders from the wider HPP Community.


Interested in joining HPP-Y-GEN?

Membership to HPP-Y-GEN is open to real estate professionals from generation Y (approx. 1980-1995), with at least 7 years of relevant professional experience in the real estate sector. Membership is free of charge for professionals who are currently working for a company that is a member of Holland Property Plaza. It is also possible to join HPP-Y-GEN with a stand-alone membership.

We ask for active contributions and commitment from our Y-GEN members. The power of the network is in the personal connection.

A membership includes:

  • Access to the wider HPP Community and its key decision-makers
  • Access to meetings of the wider HPP Community (on invitation)
  • Access to exclusive social HPP events (HPBike Tour, HPP Pitch & Matchmaking Day)
  • Special invitation to networking events at key real estate events (e.g EXPO REAL)
  • Access to news and blogs by our HPP decision-makers
  • Access to exclusive recordings of HPP meetings from the wider HPP Community
  • Access to the HPP-Y-GEN mobile chat


The HPP-Y-GEN Community is run by the following board members:




Members of HPP-Y-GEN are representatives of the following HPP-members:

  • Arjan Geelhoed | Senior Project Architect, CONIX RDBM
  • Babette van Zanten | Legal Counsel, Deutsche Hypo – NORD/LB Real Estate Finance
  • Bernard de Vree | Sr. manager Belastingadviseur, BDO
  • Betty Aarts | Senior Architect, KuiperCompagnons
  • Casper Bos | Attorney at Law, Osborne Clarke
  • Inge Kortekaas | Sustainability & Innovation Manager, Annexum
  • Kathinka Driessen | Senior Associate, Backer McKenzie
  • Lars Broeders | Corporate Banker, ABN AMRO
  • Lars Quint | Sales Consultant
  • Marius Rob | Projectontwikkelaar, VanWonen
  • Marlies Zwols | Business director, OZ
  • Maximiliaan Meessen | Environmental consultant, Hollis
  • Meinte de Klaver | Accountmanager Commercial Real Estate, Aareon
  • Peter van Mierlo | Vestigingsdirecteur, Valstar Simonis
  • Sierd van der Hoek | Consultant, Vosdeboer & Partners
  • Taroen Jangbahadoer | Junior Assetmanager, Staedion
  • Tim Groenen | Transaction Manager, Catella Investment Management Benelux

See below our stand-alone HPP-Y-GEN memberships.

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18 September 2024

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Save-the-date Meeting HPP-Y-GEN

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06 October 2024

HPP Ice Breaking Dinner 2024

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07 October 2024

EXPO REAL 7 – 9 October 2024

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07 October 2024

HPP Investor Dinner 2024

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26 November 2024

Save-the-date Meeting HPP-Y-GEN

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