Launched in 2018 HPP-Y-GEN is a debate club of young professionals across the various disciplines in the Dutch real estate sector. The ambition of HPP-Y-GEN is threefold:

  • Establish a network of ‘trusted’ participants from the so-called Generation Y;
  • Promote engagement of HPP-Y-GEN members with senior leaders of the HPP-community;
  • Stimulate innovation in the real estate sector and further development of HPP-Y-GEN real estate professionals.

HPP-Y-GEN is a knowledge-based and exchange platform that operates in a format of a dedicated series of roundtable discussions on “hot” topics in the real estate and with a strong focus on promoting innovation and growth of the industry. HPP-Y-GEN aims to not only connect young real estate professionals, but also to function as a bridge between generations.

After a series of successful events in 2018 dedicated to “Building as a Service (“BAAS”) the HPP-Y-GEN theme for 2019 was “Housing – A Path Forward”. With a group of passionate real estate professionals and leading experts we are looking to engage in inspiring debates to come up with innovative solutions and housing concepts for regulated and non-regulated market. The theme for 2020 will be launched soon.


HPP-Y-GEN 2019 reports

  • 13 May 2019 Round Table Debate | Lessons learnt from “Woononderzoek 2018” en “Cijfers over Wonen en Bouwen” presented by Ministry of Internal Affairs and debate on innovative housing solutions for the regulated housing market | Report
  • 2 September 2019 Round Table Debate | Report [in Dutch]


Board Members:

  • Galyna Permyakova | Associate Director Real Estate Development, PATRIZIA
  • Marlies Zwols | Associate Marketing & Acquisition, OZ Architects
  • Anneke Timmermans | Director Asset Management, Greystar
  • Etienne Cox | Tax Lawyer, CMS Derks Star Busmann








Interested in joining HPP-Y-GEN? 

Membership to HPP-Y-GEN is open to:

  • young real estate professionals,
  • in the age range of approx. 30-40 years, with at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in the real estate sector, and
  • currently employed or working for a company, which is a member of Holland Property Plaza or a member of Holland Property Plaza Partner Association (NVA or Swiss Circle)

Come and join the HPP-Y-GEN community. Let’s together create a dynamic, innovative, competitive and thriving Dutch real estate sector.

Our Members

CMS Law.Tax

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Upcoming activities
20 January 2020

HPP-Y-GEN New year’s drink

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02 March 2020

HPP-Y-GEN Round Table Meeting

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08 June 2020

HPP-Y-GEN Round Table Meeting

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07 September 2020

HPP-Y-GEN Round Table Meeting

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07 December 2020

HPP-Y-GEN Round Table Meeting

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