Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is more than a trade fair project for participating commercial and public parties. Ever since its incorporation in 2007, the HPP foundation has positioned itself as an active European marketing network whose aim it to turn the spotlight on participants and HPP Community members, both domestic and internationally.

Cities and regional development companies play an important role in the interaction between commercial developers and investors and the ultimate users of real estate, HPP fully acknowledges the significance of that position and aims to accommodate those public players within HPP, thereby promoting mutual (cross-border) cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. In the interest of trans-European cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, HPP Public welcomes both domestic and foreign municipalities and regional government as members.

The consistently high level of cooperation between HPP and the HPP Communities guarantees an interesting network with a broad spectrum of relationships between numerous public and commercial parties in the European real estate sector.

To achieve its objectives, HPP each year organises a series of events for its participants and the HPP European network, if required in collaboration with third parties and/or the parties referred to above. The HPP year traditionally ends after the Expo Real trade fair in Munich, in which HPP actively participates.

Access to the HPP Community can be obtained through application or at the invitation of HPP. The board of HPP ultimately decides who is accepted/allowed access as a HPP Community member.


Interested in a HPP-Public membership? 

Our Members

Central Government Real Estate Agency

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City of Arnhem

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City of Enschede

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City of Maastricht

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City of Mönchengladbach WFMG

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City of Schiedam

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City of Tilburg

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Province Limburg

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Upcoming activities
10 September 2020

HPP-PUBLIC Round Table Meeting

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Jeroen Hateboer

Former alderman for Culture and City Development Enschede



No regrets whatsoever! The reason why Enschede is an HPP-PUBLIC Member…

The language and customs of the government can, I admit, sometimes be difficult to fathom for people in the business community. As a former entrepreneur turned alderman for the city of Enschede, I have found myself in many, sometimes very amusing, situations in which this was obviously the case. I therefore warmly support every initiative that aims to bring governments and the business community closer together.