Holland Property Bike

Holland Property Bike is an annual cycling event for professionals at decision-making level of the real estate sector. It is expected that we will be able to greet approximately 65 cyclists at the start of the 12th HPBike tour in 2023. HPBike 2023 will take place from 22-24 June. The place will be announced.


About the programme
On Thursday afternoon the participants will be welcome at the hotel. After the check-in and storage of the bikes, the participants have plenty of time to greet old acquaintances or get to know fellow cyclists in the industry. The evening programme will start around 7 PM hours with an informal dinner at the hotel and a few pitches about area developments in the host city and neighbouring municipalities. The starting shot of the HPBike Tour 2021 will sound on Friday at 9 AM, after which the various groups of cyclists will cross a distance of 100, 120 or 140 kilometres. In the evening we will have dinner at a special location. On Saturday, the cyclist will again defy a beautiful route. The finish of the HPBike Tour on Saturday is around 4 PM and after a closing drink we’ll pack up around 6 PM.

“Investor, corporation, bank, developer and builder, every year, together searching through HPBike for the best for real estate.” – Charlie Martens, HPP Advisor.

Participation HPBike
The participation package for individual participants includes:

  • Two nights’ hotel accommodation including breakfast
  • Reception, lunches and dinners during the event
  • Two tours with daily distances from 100, 120 and 140 kilometres (depending on the experience level)
  • Bicycle guides and technical support from mechanics and service buses incl. sweeper car
  • Tour liability insurance
  • Sponsored rider clothing (mandatory during the tour)
  • Secure storage of the bikes during the overnight stays and surveillance at the lunch breaks
  • Organisation and professional tour guides during all tour days (NTFU cycling guides)


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11 years of HPBike Tour impression





In previous Holland Property Bike Tours, the HPBike cyclists visited the cities of: 

  • HPBike Tour 2012 Rotterdam- Tilburg-Venlo and Cologne
  • HPBike Tour 2013 Eindhoven-Maastricht-Aachen
  • HPBike Tour 2014 Zwolle-Enschede-Osnabruck
  • HPBike Tour 2015 Utrecht-Den Haag-Utrecht
  • HPBike Tour 2016 Arnhem-Mönchengladbach-Arnhem
  • HPBike Tour 2017: Apeldoorn-Almere-Lelystad-Apeldoorn
  • HPBike Tour 2018: Sneek-Groningen-Sneek
  • HPBike Tour 2019: Nijmegen
  • HPBike Cycling Day 2020: Zeist
  • HPBike Tour 2021: Wageningen
  • HPBike Tour 2022: Maastricht