01 June 2023

15 years HPP | People, Planet, Property

HPP 15 years

Holland Property Plaza, the network for decision-makers in real estate & construction, turns 15 this year! We would like to celebrate this special anniversary together with our members and relations. On 1 June, HPP will hold a lively inspiration and networking event on the subject of ‘People, Planet, Property’. Don’t miss it!

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When: Thursday 1 June 2023
Time: 16.00h walk-in, 16.30 start conference with walking dinner
Where: Slot Zeist, Zinzendorflaan 1, Zeist

Looking back, but above all looking forward!
Like in many sectors of our society, real estate & construction faces enormous challenges now that we have collectively entered a ‘perfect storm’ with strong (geo)political, financial and social turbulence, with the climate goals currently being more shifting goalposts, than clear focal points on our playing field. At our anniversary event, we will therefore not only look back, but above all look forward with you under the motto “People, planet, property”. And we will do so, among other things, with a special guest who will take us through some mental gymnastics exercises.

Edward HuizengaEdward Huizenga – Professor Strategy, Innovation & Behaviour Change, Maastricht University

Edward is an associate professor and top international expert on organisational behaviour and will explore with us on 1 June the exciting intersection between strategy and human behaviour. Does it make sense to devise strategies in disruptive times? Yes it does!
The question is how to build the company of the future and design a strategy that really works in the long term. Design principles such as ambition, strategic discipline, innovation and disruptive behaviour can lead us to a more sustainable future for all. It is becoming increasingly clear that organisations that understand these design principles ultimately come out on top. What awaits you is certainly not a boring academic lecture, but a truly interactive session. Listen and participate!

“A mind that is stretched, never returns to its original shape”.

16.00-16.30: walk-in
16.30-16.35: welcome by chairman Wienke Bodewes
16.35-16.40: introduction Edward Huizenga by board member Tessa Flantua
16.40-17.25: interactive session led by Professor Edward Huizenga
17.25-17.30: wrap up by Wienke Bodewes
17.30: drinks, dinner & networking

Location Slot Zeist
We welcome you to the monumental real estate of Slot Zeist, with ample parking within short walking distance. Once the pleasure ground of Willem Adriaan, Count of Nassau-Odijk and grandson of Prince Maurice, it is now the ideal setting for royal events, such as the HPP Jubilee! After your registration, we will be happy to confirm your attendance and send you directions.