06 June 2024

HPP about modular & circular construction: the connection between government and market players

The Netherlands, but also the Central Government Real Estate Agency, faces a big task. We must build more, greener, cleaner, and faster. Modular construction is possible in large numbers and helps to accelerate, but is modular greener and cleaner? And can modular also be done with lots of variation?

On 6 June, we will discuss how modular and circular building can go hand in hand. With the experts below, we will discuss questions such as: What does circular & modular procurement require from the client? And vice versa, what does the combination of circularity and modularity demand from the construction column? Is the whole chain, from development to remodeling, capable of product-based work in a project-based environment?

The speakers:

  • Majorie Jans, Director of Transactions and Projects Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf)
    Marjorie provides insight into the tasks and requirements they face as a government. She likes to hear from the market how modular construction can be a solution and what the market needs for this.
  • Guido Braam, Founder Route Circular
    Guido shows us how we can build faster and circularly, without the total cost going out of whack, through digital innovations such as parametric design and developments in modular construction.
  • Freek Klein Holkenborg & Wout van den Toorn
    Programme Manager Sustainability & Commercial Manager ModuleMakers, Croonwolter&dros
    Freek talks about the sustainability ambitions and approach, after which Wout explains, using a customer case study, how ModuleMakers operates. “Our modular working method saves time and money, and is cleaner and safer. It means we need to use fewer specialist staff.”

Prior to the meeting, there will be an inspiring guided tour at Jan Snel/Daiwa House Group. Jan van Zuijlen, owner of Reaturnity, will moderate the meeting.

When: Thursday 6 June
Time: 16:00 reception and tour, 17:00 start meeting including dinner
Where: Jan Snel/Daiwa House Group, Willeskop 94, Montfoort

Interested in joining? Get in contact!