08 April 2024

HPP about the impact of ESG on real estate capital development

Sustainability in real estate is no longer the preserve of philanthropists. Well-considered ESG strategies can bring serious benefits to real estate investors and developers. On Monday 8 April*, we will discuss the impact of ESG on real estate capital development. During this meeting, we will explore various aspects related to ESG-criteria, and their impact on the capital value development of buildings in the commercial real estate sector.

Specialist Reinier Mijsberg (Head Valuation Team, ABN AMRO) will tell us about ABN AMRO’s participation in the Dutch valuation world, and in particular ABN AMRO’s pioneering role in integrating ESG criteria into commercial property valuations.

Using concrete practical examples, he will provide insight into how, within the working group, an integrated valuation model has been developed, quantifying the impact of ESG on property valuations.

When: Monday 8 April 2024
Time: 17:30 walk-in, 18:00 meeting including dinner
Where: Buitenplaats Slangevegt, Straatweg 40, Breukelen

*This meeting will be organized for the HPP-IREIN & Finance Community and is on invitation only.

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