18 September 2023

HPP-Y-GEN about the early elections

Early elections – following the fall of the Rutte IV government – will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2023. The run-up to these elections is turbulent. Familiar faces with dossier knowledge and experience in The Hague are saying goodbye en masse. Newcomers have to fill their seats. What does that mean for the big challenges facing the Netherlands? How quickly can a new coalition be formed in the fragmented political landscape? And how does the new chamber tackle problems like the housing shortage and energy transition?

To help the new (and sitting) parliamentarians get a bit of a head start, at least with regard to the election theme of ‘physical environment’, the HPP-Y-GEN community will organize a brainstorm – with the aim of arriving at recommendations to politicians. What measures do we think should be taken to boost housing construction, for instance, without sacrificing nature? They will compile these and other suggestions in a white paper.

HPP-Y-GEN cordially invites you to do so on Monday 18 September, including a nice dinner and drinks. They ask you to think about one or more proposals you would like to make prior to the meeting.

When: Monday 18 September
Time: 17:00 walk-in, 17:30 start meeting with brainstorm & dinner
Where: near Amsterdam/Utrecht

Interested in joining? Contact us.


General information
HPP-Y-GEN is a community of next generation decision-makers, who together build on the growth and innovation of our industry. With professionals from the so-called generation Y from all disciplines in the real estate sector, they form a strong intellectual network with an innovative approach. Members of HPP-Y-GEN are established experts within their organizations, thriving entrepreneurs or leaders from the public sector, all of whom share the same aspiration to make the Dutch real estate sector thrive socially and economically.