28 May 2024

HPP-Y-GEN on project visit at Utrecht Central Station

The transformation of Utrecht Central Station has given the city a new face, and real estate has played a central role in this. Architect and guide Jan Maarten Dalmeijer takes the member of HPP-Y-GEN on tour and tells us about the developments from a hub of train passengers, to a vibrant epicentre of modern architecture and lively urban activity.

After the tour, they are welcomed to the Wonderwoods project in Utrecht, a unique skyscraper with green facades and futuristic architecture. This ambitious and extraordinary project integrates greenery into every layer of its design and contributes to the city’s biodiversity.

When: Tuesday 28 May
Time: 14:00 start tour, 17:00 networking & drinks
Where: Utrecht Central Station

This meeting will be organized for the HPP-Y-GEN community.

Interested in joining? Contact us.