26 June 2023

HPP-Y-GEN project visit Tripolis Amsterdam

On Monday 26 June, HPP Y-GEN will visit the Tripolis building in Amsterdam.

Tripolis, an iconic building with a rich history, has undergone a spectacular transformation. Flow Real Estate’s project team will take you through this dynamic project, explaining the vision, design and innovative elements of the redevelopment. You will have the opportunity to experience Tripolis’ impressive architecture, sustainability measures and high-quality facilities up close.

This project visit offers an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the future of urban living and working, and the impact of innovative property developments on the surrounding area. It will also provide an opportunity to network with real estate professionals and make valuable connections.

When: Monday 26 June
Time: Start at 16.00h, with drinks afterwards
Where: Tripolis Amsterdam

This event is at invite-only for Y-GEN members. Are you interested in joining HPP Y-GEN? Contact us.


General information
HPP-Y-GEN is a community of next generation decision-makers, who together build on the growth and innovation of our industry. With professionals from the so-called generation Y from all disciplines in the real estate sector, they form a strong intellectual network with an innovative approach. Members of HPP-Y-GEN are established experts within their organizations, thriving entrepreneurs or leaders from the public sector, all of whom share the same aspiration to make the Dutch real estate sector thrive socially and economically.

This meeting will be organized for HPP-Y-GEN.