Since 2012 OSRE is active in the customer journey of making the real estate transaction smarter. Based on a Software-as-a-Service multi-site platform for multiple asset classes OSRE connects property to people. OSRE believes that the process of a transaction has to give real estate professionals, tenants and buyers a smile. With 22 people, all with a passion for real estate and technology, OSRE is working every day on an innovative and scalable product, a platform to automate the real estate transaction.

The goal is to make operations regarding transactions digitised and smarter. In this way, OSRE wants the real estate professional to have more time for the personal relationship with the client. OSRE’s drive is to make everything they do smarter.

OSRE believes that the success that their clients have realized with their platform is the most important reason to choose for OSRE. That’s why they put clients at the heart of everything that they do.

Technology creates radically new models and opportunities in real estate. OSRE was among the first prop-tech businesses to create value for her clients even before the word existed. They are on a mission to change real estate transactions.


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The Netherlands
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