At BVI.EU we believe in providing a complete service for the construction of your business premises. A belief which we have already held for over 20 years. We also aim to provide services that go beyond just delivering bricks. This means that we are the most reliable partner, both during the planning and construction phases and after the final completion of the project. By consistently adhering to this customer-focused method, today we are able to proudly present an impressive list of references.

BVI.EU supplies a fully finished product to its clients that meets the highest quality standards. Our extensive experience means that we translate the wishes of clients into practice in a well-considered manner. Thanks to the partnerships that we have built over the years, we are able to provide our clients with the best located, most sustainable and highest quality SME buildings.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Bert de Nijs
Chief Acquisition Officer

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Prins Boudewijnlaan 7 C0201
B-2550 Kontich
+32 (0) 3 355 09 09