In our work we strive for a sense of place, identity and the relationship with others. As architects and urban designers, we want to improve the physical spaces in which we live, whether at urban or building scale. Therefore we are constantly looking for innovations. Our designs encourage both individual happiness and collective empowerment within the communities concerned, creating social and ecological sustainability.

To better understand the world in which we operate, it is necessary to take a broader look at developments within architecture and urbanism.Our design research is based on cooperation with multiple disciplines, which allows for new and innovative ideas to take shape as well as cross-fertilization within the design process.The knowledge gained from these interactions is recycled back into our projects.

Cities are breeding grounds for economic growth and innovation.Our projects are aimed at generating social and economic opportunities through urban improvements and greater interaction between living, working, recreation, and education conditions.Reducing negative environmental impact.


Pedro de Medinalaan 7a
1086 XK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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