Learn about the Einstein Telescope at the Expo Real
The underground Einstein Telescope will be Europe’s most advanced observatory for gravitational waves. Our universe vibrates daily when black holes or neutron stars orbit or collide somewhere in the universe. Albert Einstein predicted back in 1916 that distances stretch and contract almost immeasurably when such a gravitational wave passes by. In 2015, the US detector LIGO managed to measure that phenomenon for the first time.

A new window on the Universe
With the Einstein Telescope, researchers can look at the birth process of black holes, the structure of neutron stars, and the nature of the universe immediately after the Big Bang. They also want to test the predictions of Einstein’s theory of relativity as never before. This will give us new insights into our universe and it makes the observatory of great significance for international physics and astronomy.

The three 10-kilometer tunnels of the Einstein Telescope will be sited 250 to 300 meters underground in order to make undisturbed measurements of gravitational waves.

Promising location: the border area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
One of the most promising locations for the Einstein Telescope is the border area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, a region located at the heart of Europe. Here, the area’s soft topsoil blocks vibrations caused by human activity on the surface, allowing the underground observatory to take measurements undisturbed. In addition, the good connections and network of knowledge institutions and companies are important for the Einstein Telescope.

One of the many organizations involved in the Einstein Telescope project is Province Limburg, located in Maastricht. Province Limburg is the provincial government for Limburg, the most southern province of the Netherlands.

ProvinceLimburg is one of the co-exhibitors at the HPP stand and proudly presents to you the Einstein Telescope project at the Expo Real.

Representatives at the HPP stand

Martijn Valk
Project Manager



Brandon Theunissen

Process Secretary for Programmes and Projects



Province Limburg
Limburglaan 10
6229 GA Maastricht
The Netherlands

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