With around 168.000 residents, Apeldoorn is the eleventh-largest city in the Netherlands. Growing and developing towards 180.000 inhabitants. The royal history is still visible and tangible in the city. And as green capital of the Veluwe, it naturally expands with consideration for the green surroundings. Apeldoorn aims to become the greenest city in Europe. Therefore, the city wants to be a leader in sustainability, climate, and energy transition. And is the Netherlands’ testing ground for urbanization combined with greening.

In Apeldoorn you’ll find enough space to live, work, and learn. It is a city with allure, history, and modern, inspiring architecture. Featuring a mix of high and low-rise buildings, excellent facilities, and easy accessibility. Additionally, it is the city of safety, strategically in its location and knowledge-wise, being home to the Center for Safety, the military, and the police academy. Apeldoorn is developing and will continue to evolve.

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Representatives in the HPP-network

Johan Moolenaar
Concern Director Space & Economy

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City of Apeldoorn
Marktplein 1
7311 LG Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
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