With 160.000 residents Enschede is the urban heart of the Eastern Netherlands. Enschede is located in the region of Twente, home to 627.000 inhabitants. A vibrant and energetic city. Right on the border of the Netherlands and Germany, urban dynamics go hand in hand with serenity and nature.

The region of Twente is an (inter)national, high-end technological, enterprising and innovative knowledge region. At ‘Kennispark Twente’, innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Today over 400 companies have settled in on ‘Kennispark Twente’ and is rightly named the biggest innovation campus in the Netherlands.

Innovative entrepreneurs see Enschede as an attractive location to settle due to the presence of the knowledge industry, the high standard working locations and high living quality.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Bernadette ter Huurne
Development Manager Enschede City Area

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Jannetta van Zwol – Van de Pol

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Jeroen Diepemaat
Alderman / wethouder

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Gemeente Enschede
Hengelosestraat 51
7514 AD Enschede
The Netherlands
+31 (0)53 481 81 81