Tilburg, no. 1 logistics hotspot in the Netherlands

In the heart of North-West Europe, surrounded by 170 million consumers, you’ll find the city of Tilburg. The excellent positioning in Europe makes Tilburg ideally located for companies to reach their customers by rail, road or water. Over the years many international companies, like Fujifilm and Tesla, have established their European operations in Tilburg.

Tilburg is a top logistics region in Europe. But what does logistics look like in a world driven by emerging technologies & disruptive innovations? What is the impact of new technologies like 3D printing? Tomorrow’s logistics starts today. Our next step is developing Tilburg’s smart hotspot Wijkevoort: an attractive hub with eye for new technologies, innovation power and natural landscape.

Moreover, Tilburg is the meeting place for talents and entrepreneurship. With a collaborative city government, outstanding business networks, educational institutes that match the labor market, and spatial growth potential, every entrepreneur can thrive in Tilburg.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Dennis Damink
Head of Real Estate Division

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5000 LH Tilburg
The Netherlands
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