Tilburg, city of innovators and entrepreneurs

In the heart of North-West Europe, surrounded by 160 million consumers, you’ll find the city of Tilburg. The excellent positioning in Europe makes Tilburg one of the most important logistic hotspots in the Netherlands. Over the years many international companies, like Fujifilm and Tesla, have established their European operations in Tilburg.

Tilburg is also known for its new and enhanced future-proof retail development in the heart of the city centre. This is where generation T lives, studies and works. Tilburg is the meeting place for knowledge, data, labour, talent, creativity, diversity and logistics.

Innovation and entrepreneurship requires an inviting business climate. With a collaborative city government, outstanding business networks, educational institutes that match the labor market, financial and spatial growth potential, every entrepreneur can thrive in Tilburg. Tilburg is where it all happens; and where it can happen.

Let’s meet in Tilburg!

Address: Postbus 90155, 5000 LH Tilburg
Visiting address: Spoorlaan 181, 5038 CB Tilburg
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 651710284 (Karin Croes) or +31 (0) 652571090 (Natasja Mengedé)
E-mail: business@tilburg.nl
Website: www.makeitintilburg.nl