Wooncompagnie is a non profit organsiation in the Dutch rental housing market, region North-Holland, with a primary task to develop, invest in and manage social housing for people with a modest income. Wooncompagnie provides social housing with lowest possible rent, without making concessions to size and quality.

Wooncompagnie is committed to treat the social housing segment as an extension to the free market segment, providing similar variety of housing options. Everyone should be able to choose how and where they want to live, regardless their income. After all, social housing is not primary an investment but a home!

Wooncompagnie currently holds a portfolio with over 14,000 social housing units in the province North-Holland.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Anneke Timmermans
Regisseur Woningen

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Stefan van Schaik
Directeur-bestuurder bij Wooncompagnie

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Geldelozeweg 41
1625 NW Hoorn
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 17 18 190