Is a full service social real estate development and property management company, creating a better world, overcoming societal challenges and solving social problems for transition groups like students, working youngsters, single-parent families and the elderly, by providing state-of-the-art apartments within the urban tissue while deploying its ‘Living-as-a-Service’ property management strategy.

Societies are transforming towards global communities by means of the internet. This transformation results in a change of traditional domestic boundaries through the global reach of the internet. Traditional local markets are becoming global markets, creating economies of scale. Societal gaps are formed by increasing differences between rich and poor, ethnicity, age, educational levels, etc. These growing gaps cause societal challenges that are globally recognizable.

The general attitude toward assets is shifting from ownership towards availability and use. We closely work together with our strategic partners such as Phillips, Cisco and Samsung. Change= engages real estate to facilitate its Living-as-a-Service concept towards the creation of future perspective and support for transition groups by significantly increasing affordability, attainability and buying power. Real estate will fulfill a new role in the future and will take a new place in the value chain as a facilitating platform making it possible to create affordable housing while increasing the standard of quality and sustainability of buildings.

Ralph Mamadeus – CEO

Address: August Allebéplein 112
City: 1062 AC Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 88 126 9380