Change= is a privately owned company, committed to the development of residential real estate concepts for the working young and other societal transition groups. The mission of Change= is to facilitate young professionals – as well as other societal transition groups – by providing them with affordable state-of-the-art housing, enriched with a larger array of services of relevance. We call the concept “Networked Living.”

At the heart of the success of Change= to date and its expansion strategy for the immediate future, lies its innovative business architecture: Change= has proven how to vertically bundle and consolidate layered activities. Change= develops purpose driven real estate, provides comprehensive real estate management, actively facilitates residential community management, while it ultimately also serves as the service provider to various aspects of what constitutes ‘Living as a Service’, ultimately cumulating in ‘Networked Living.’

Networked Living means Change= thinks community first, remaining committed to five core components that provide the cornerstones of the Change= concept: Work, Housing, Learning, Living, as well as Care and Security.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Ralph Mamadeus

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Elizabeth Cady Stantonplein 801
1102 BL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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