KuiperCompagnons has a reliable reputation as an office for urban planning, architecture, landscape and spatial planning, and we are proud of that. We have been working on advising, designing and directing the content and appearance of the built environment for
over 100 years.

Plans that are only conceived on the drawing board have little chance of success. Plans must be created for and with people. The quality of our plans will only be visible and tested after realisation. The clients, but especially the users, are the real litmus test. Our concepts are their world, their city, neighbourhood, street, playground or house. This is not always about grand-vision or iconic projects, and if they are such, then that is because the users, the residents experience the projects as such. We do it for them.

Our strength is to find solutions in complex urban environments. We do this by bringing together residents, governments and private parties. Our solutions spark happy, healthy and sustainable life places for life.

Our team consists of urban designers, (landscape) architects, planners, lawyers and a large network of other specialists that are experienced in the spatial challenges of tomorrow. We think big, and at the same time ensure a realistic and executable plan.


Van Nelleweg 3042
3044 BC Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)10 433 00 99