OZ is an international architecture studio, creating intelligent design solutions for the built environment. In our work we strive for a sense of place, identity and the relationship with others. We want to improve the physical spaces in which we live, whether at urban or building scale. Therefore we are constantly looking for innovations. Our designs encourage both individual happiness and collective empowerment within the communities concerned.

Our work in Central America gives OZ valuable cultural and economic insights and enriches the knowledge base of our professionals. A healthy critical attitude towards each other combined with humor and trust is the source of creativity and drives us forward. We also thrive on strong collaborations with our partners who stimulate our creativity. Continuous research to improve or reinvent the existing is essential for our work.

Our designs stand for social and ecological sustainability. That is why we collaborate extensively with clients, users, contractors and other stakeholders in our projects. We know that with well thought-out design we can help our customers to make their processes run smoother and thereby improve the wellbeing of both people and animals. This makes each project a unique expression of user, climate and context.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Chris Zwiers
Architect & Partner

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John Bosch
Architect & Partner

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Marlies Zwols
Business Director

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Oresti Sarafopoulos
Architect & Partner

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Wouter Zaaijer

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