Based in Amsterdam, Sense Vastgoed & Makelaardij is a state of the art full-service real estate agency. Our clients are project developers, building contractors and other related parties.

Sense Vastgoed & Makelaardij is truly full-service – we take care of everything in the real estate selling process – from concept development & marketing, organisation of consumer focus groups and design sessions to property sales and after-sales service. “What are the buyer’s wishes” is the central question in the project management approach of Sense. The analysis of what the buyer really wants when he or she buys a house/home is the start of all of our projects.

Sense has the ability to become “one with the project”, we are very driven and we have lots of experience. If you want to put a new built project on the Dutch market, we are your partner. We know better than anyone else that each project is unique and has its own strength and value. It doesn’t matter whether the project is around family houses, apartments or land to build on – Sense has all the expertise. Our team will make sure that the project gets sold as swiftly as possible because we speak the same language as the buyer and thus we can easily answer all of their questions. However, for Sense it doesn’t stop here – we also have the ability to “think with the customer” so we can help them to tune their house into a real home.

If you want to get more information about what Sense can mean for you, don’t hesitate and get in touch for an appointment.

Sense – an inclusive, full-service real estate agency.

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Hanneke Diephuis

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SENSE Vastgoed & Makelaardij
Willemsparkweg 221
1071 HC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 471 1904