Valstar Simonis is an independent Dutch consultancy and engineering agency in the field of sustainability, comfort, and safety in buildings. With our enthusiastic team we provide custom-made solutions for each project from our five branches in the Netherlands. We design all building installations combining our expertise in mechanical, electrical and building control systems.

Our mission and vision
‘We use our knowledge to the maximum for a healthy and sustainable world’, is our mission. Because we recognize the necessity to make our society sustainable. That’s why we work on comfortable, flexible and healthy buildings that do not burden our living environment, but even make a positive contribution to this.

Buildings where people work and live pleasantly, retains its value. Comfort contributes to the health and productivity of people. Although building installations support this, our vision is: the less, the better. And by doing business in a socially, responsible manner, Valstar Simonis offers its employees a solid and pleasant basis to advise consistently with the above vision.

Designing integrally
The creation of a healthy and sustainable living and working environment asks for an integral approach from all design disciplines. That is why we strongly believe in teamwork.

We work on a wide range of varieties of projects; both renovation and new developments. Our expertise; hospitals, apartments, schools, theaters, retail, laboratories, universities, offices, datacenters, hotels and more.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Peter van Mierlo
Regional Director

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Wilfried van Mierlo

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Valstar Simonis
Veraartlaan 4
2288 GM Rijswijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)70 307 22 22