VanWonen is the number one enterprising area and real estate developer from the Northern and Eastern Netherlands. Not affiliated with any large business or construction company, and therefore completely independent. At VanWonen, customers and the journey they make when developing, buying, building and renting a home are the main focus. At the heart of our approach is a particular focus on attention. VanWonen is a distinctive player in the market. We want to create homes and living environments in which everyone feels at home.

Area development
Because we want to create sustainable and healthy living environments, our expertise lies with projects that include area development. By doing this at an early stage – in co-creation with stakeholders – we optimally respond to customer needs. We focus on (inner) city developments as well as on transformation assignments and expansion locations where people can live, work, shop and enjoy themselves. We are not only aimed at families, but also older people, single-person households and young people.

Long-term relationships with buyers and tenants
We strongly believe in long-term relationships with our stakeholders and customers, where tenants and buyers are equally important. We realise this ambition even further through our housing fund. We intend to develop rental housing for a growing group of people in the middle market, for whom there is currently insufficient supply. Moreover, we maintain control over exploitation and management. This way we remain active in the areas we operate in.

Our way of working
The VanWonen way of working can be described as a joint journey with all stakeholders. This journey, founded on attention and involvement, is central to everything we do. Our four promises are always our guiding principles:

  • Always welcome
  • Development from within
  • Not buyers but customers
  • Involved from A to Z

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Alfred Bolks

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8019 AB Zwolle
The Netherlands
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