Vastbouw is a Dutch project developer located in a town in the east of the Netherlands. Its subsidiaries are located in Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The company has already been active in developing, building and maintaining property for 37 years. Within three decades, they have grown from a small local excavator into one of the most capable and trusted providers of construction services in the region as well as abroad.

The company has an innovative style and holds on to the so-called ‘passive building approach’. This means that sustainable building puts the focus on energy-efficient design and realisation. With ‘Passive building’, dwellings are built energy-efficiently – yet they do not require the usual extended/active installations.

The core values are at the heart of Vastbouw’s business as these define how they work: reliability, friendliness, sustainability, price-consciousness and craftsmanship. Clients share their passion for results and this shows in their success. Vastbouw is convinced that this can only be achieved in collaboration with people from external partners, clients and other related organisations. For that reason, Vastbouw maintains a network of organisations in its industry. Its approach is focused on continuity and sustainability, with great attention to their employees to whom they offer the opportunity to develop their ambitions.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Ronnie Hondeveld
Managing Director

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Spoelerstraat 2
7461 TW Rijssen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)548 53 99 99

Hauptniederlassung Gronau
An der Eßseite 183
48599 Gronau
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