Vos de Boer & Partners is an independent management consultancy company in Real Estate. Core activity is process management for project/real estate and area development.

When realizing (real estate) projects, government and market players are strongly dependent on each other but are also often at opposite ends of the scale. Social issues, technical requirements, size of investments, long duration and political sensitivity make these projects particularly complicated.

Vos de Boer mutual understanding, opportunities and starting points for success in this field of tension. Our efforts also make your organization flexible in the short and long term. Our support makes both complexity and change manageable. Despite the diversity of our projects, we incorporate the lessons learned from completed projects in our approach to new issues. During cooperation, we quickly know how to use the appropriate lines of communication and information flows. Because of our political antenna, personal sensitivity and experience at different strategic levels, Vos de Boer & Partners knows how to get to the heart of the matter. We aim relationships that extend beyond a one-off assignment in order to get as close as possible to our clients’ essence.

Our services mainly focus on

  • Assisting public and private parties with area and project development,
  • Initiating new ideas, concepts and opportunities
  • Supporting in solving complex real estate issues,
  • Tender support,
  • Creating successful cooperation by bringing complementary parties together,
  • Support with capacity and organizational issues. Both from our own office and on location.

Our clients: construction companies, developers, municipalities, provinces and national government.

Representatives in the HPP-network

Monique Vos-de Boer
Managing Partner

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Ronald van den Hil
Managing Partner

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Vos de Boer & Partners
Westplein 11
3016 BM Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 10 225 06 46