Jeroen Hateboer

Jeroen Hateboer

Alderman for Culture and City Development Enschede



No regrets whatsoever! The reason why Enschede is an HPP Public Member…

The language and customs of the government can, I admit, sometimes be difficult to fathom for people in the business community. As a former entrepreneur turned alderman for the city of Enschede 7 years ago, I have found myself in many, sometimes very amusing, situations in which this was obviously the case. I therefore warmly support every initiative that aims to bring governments and the business community closer together.

My introduction to HPP came quite coincidentally during the organisation’s annually organised bicycle tour 3 years ago. The tour visited Enschede, and I was given the opportunity to present my city to the participants as part of the evening programme. The mix of people and companies created an instant click, and we did not hesitate at all when Enschede was asked to become a public member. Our membership gave us instant access to a professional network of domestically and internationally operating companies that were prepared to share knowledge and to think along with us to resolve some of the issues facing us, for example concerning the restructuring of our city centre. The team gatherings and network meetings are both useful and educational.

Other annual highlights include the HPP pre-Provada symposium and a visit to the HPP stand at the ExpoReal trade fair in October in Munich. Opening your mind to the language and customs of others inevitably creates added value, and having been a member of HPP for the past 4 years, I can safely say that Enschede benefits from supporting HPP and intensifying the mutual contacts we enjoy.

Jeroen Hatenboer – Alderman for Culture and City Development Enschede