07 February 2023

HPP about sustainable logistics real estate and innovative entrepreneurship

At 220,000 m², the immense ctPark Amsterdam Cityhub is the largest logistics port location in the Netherlands. The HPP-Y-GEN board invites the entire HPP Community to visit this brand new, multifunctional building.

During the visit, Wim Beelen, who is responsible for the realisation of the cityhub, will tell us all about the path he took to realize this special building. We then hear from CTP, the building’s current owner, about their reasons for investing in the location. CTP is represented in 10 European countries and owns a total of almost 10 million m² of gross lettable floor space.

Of course, a comprehensive tour of the building is not missing. Wim takes us to see the sustainable innovations in the ctPark with our own eyes. We will start the afternoon with a good lunch and warm up after the tour with a coffee, hot chocolate and something sweet.

When: Tuesday 7 February
Time: 13.00 walk-in, 13.30 lunch, presentation & tour
Where: ctPark Amsterdam Cityhub, Ankerweg 18 in Amsterdam

Interested in joining? Contact us.

This meeting will be organized for all HPP communities.