20 September 2023

HPP Pitch & Matchmaking Day

Many real estate and construction projects are struggling to get off the ground today. Whether it is due to high interest rates, lack of personnel, the cost of building materials or nitrogen rules… we like to look at possible solutions. How do we pick up speed on these projects and how can we contribute to this from different angles in the market?

To find answers to these questions, HPP is organising a Pitch & Matchmaking day. HPP members will have the opportunity to pitch a project and their challenges. At the table, all areas of expertise in the real estate market are represented: from corporation to investor and from architect to developer. After half an hour, the bell sounds and the participants switch tables. This allows them to pick up a lot of relevant input in a short time to boost their project.

To boost our inspiration and energy as well, we will meet this day in the middle of the dynamics of the international fruit and vegetable trade. We invite you to the Fruitpacking District, an extensive and ambitious area transformation right next to Barendrecht’s train station. Some 3,000 homes and 36,500m2 of facilities will be realised here in the coming years. You don’t want to miss this day!


The programme

Part 1 | Inspiration: Barendrecht and “De Stationstuinen”
Alderman Lennart van der Linden (Municipality of Barendrecht) will welcome us to Barendrecht and tell us about “De Stationstuinen” and its ambition. Afterwards, the developer of Fruitpacking District, Lodewijk van Meeuwen (Director Emborion) will take us through the plans for this green, car-free city district where food and meeting are central.

Lodewijk van Meeuwen: “Fruitpacking District will be a leading mixed-use district with a clear link to the area’s origins. Fruit and vegetables have been traded on this site for decades, and we will reflect that identity in the buildings, facilities and public space.”

Part 2 | Perspective: insights from the HPP network
After a dose of inspiration, we offer various perspectives from the market. HPP-president Wienke Bodewes will talk with Ivo van der Mark (CEO JAJO), Lydia Buist-Izelaar (Project Director Area Development Municipality of Schiedam) and investor Guido Schlüter (Managing Director at DW Real Estate). The leading question:

What are we already doing and what steps do we need to take to build our future? And what does this mean for complex sites in the current (market) conditions according to the different players?

Part 3 | Pitches: advice from the HPP network
Next, several HPP members will take the stage to pitch about a project and their challenges. What are they doing, what are their challenges and how can we contribute to this from different angles in the market? After half an hour, the bell sounds and the participants switch tables. On the stage are:

  • Ivo van der Mark, CEO JAJO
  • Anneloes van Boxtel, Programme Director Rijksvastgoedbedrijf & Bob van Ree, Project Manager Almere Pampus
  • Lydia Buist-Izelaar, Project Director Area Development Municipality of Schiedam, & Eelco van Diesen, Project Manager Inner-city projects
  • René Steman, Project developer VanWonen
  • Taroen Jangbahadoer Sing & Rachel van der Kroon, Junior Asset Managers Staedion

Will we see you on September 20?


When: Wednesday 20 September
Time: 12:30 walk-in with lunch, 13.00 start meeting, 16.30 drinks
Where: Fruitpacking District, Spoorlaan 7, Barendrecht


Interested in joining? Contact us.