Croonwolter&dros joins Holland Property Plaza

  General news, HPP-REDA, HPP-Y-GEN


As of 1 Januari 2022 the technology service company Croonwolter&dros will join Holland Property Plaza. Both organisations focus on knowledge sharing and the development of long-term relationships in the property market. With their membership, Croonwolter&dros aims to accelerate a number of important social real estate themes together with its HPP partners, including sustainability, circularity, digitisation, safety and health.

Christa Thijssen, managing director and founder of HPP: “As part of TBI, Croonwolter&dros is a more than welcome addition to our network.” The TBI concern focuses on sustainable renewal, design and maintenance of our living environment. The group has specialised knowledge in the fields of engineering, construction and infrastructure.

Liselot Dalenoord, commercial manager, and Angela Verbrugge, market development director, represent Croonwolter&dros in HPP-REDA. Joyce van de Velde, manager Smart Buildings, joins HPP-Y-Gen; a network of young professionals who contribute to future real estate developments. Liselot: “Technology plays an increasingly important role in making the built environment more sustainable. From my broad experience in the real estate market, I see added value for clients if we integrate the chain better. By bringing our knowledge of building technology into the planning phase, a client quickly gains a picture of the technical and financial feasibility, future operating costs and time planning.”

Angela: “As part of the TBI concern, we ensure that we renew, design and maintain our living environment in a sustainable way. TBI has an innovation fund for projects that contribute to the energy transition. A good example of this are our ModuleMakers. They make sustainable building technology in parts, digitally designed, produced in their own factory and clickable on site. There are plenty of other great innovations that we would like to share with our partners and take a step further.”

Joyce: “Users have increasingly higher demands on real estate. Sustainability, flexibility and health are important themes that we respond to with our data platform. The platform monitors building performance in real time, optimises it and our app communicates interactively with it’s users.”