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What do you need to change as a leader to innovate within your organization?

by Sabine Schoorl
  General news, HPP Connect & Innovate (C&I)

The central question of the meeting of the community HPP Connect & Innovate. They had invited 2 experts whom both have designed innovative business models and helped move their companies, but also the market, into new directions: Tom Willcock (partner and innovation expert at Hollis) and Martijn Roordink (successful entrepreneur and founder of Spaces. offices | co-working | meeting rooms.).

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Does the contractor still exist in 2025?

  HPP Connect & Innovate (C&I)

With the provocative title: Does the contractor still exist in 2025? We received a mixed group of frontrunners in De Bilt. This time 3 inspiring visionary speakers were invited who speak not only about progress, but are well known for doing it: Jan Willem from Factory Zero, Stan Roestenberg from Bohemen and KYP and Bas Maingay from Change =.

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